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As you know, laptops are needed in every home And laptops are very useful instead of desktops. Today, the desktop has been almost replaced by laptops. You need a laptop whether you are a student, freelancer, young sister, or businessman. In the past mostly used the Best laptops with CD/DVD drive but as the passage of time, they moved to new slim laptops without CD/DVD drive.

If you look at smartphones, they have all the features that a laptop has, but you will still need a laptop because the laptop allows you to do good research or create reports or create animations or It will help you to complete assignments.

I don’t think any other device will replace the laptop in a short time but yes Some new features may be introduced in the laptop or it may be modified and brought to the public in some other form.

Times have changed a lot and over time laptops have changed a lot. It has gotten better and better. Laptops are very popular because of their high performance. Some of the features in laptops have been removed in today’s era like CD/DVD drive to make laptops slimmer, lightweight, and beautiful.

Because there are so many storage methods out there these days, such as Google Drive, Dropbox & Stream, providing people with easy media to store data. Let me tell you – the CD drive isn’t over yet But those Laptops that have a CD drive are hard to find.

You don’t have to worry, just read this article in which I will tell you about the Best laptops with CD/DVD drive. . Your job is to sit at home instead of going to the market & read this article fully.




1: HP 17.3″ ZBOOK 17 G5 (Best laptops with CD/DVD drive)

HP laptops have been my all-time favorite as they have always been in competition And have proven themselves time and time again. You can easily trust these laptops with your eyes closed, instead of a laptop you’ve never used before or a model you haven’t heard of.

But if you are looking for a laptop in which you need the best requirements Then you should open your eyes & search thoroughly. If I talk about HP’s laptop which is made of very elegant design, it can be easily carried.

 The laptop comes with perfect security features that allow you to secure your Personal Data. Its 17-inch screen size gives you the best graphics Display. And this laptop comes with a CD drive. This laptop is a completely gray color and gives you a great look at the HP logo which is placed in its Center.

Do you know After withstanding more than 120000 hours of testing we found that it can bear high temperature, drop, altitude & other conditions which the latest laptops usually cannot have?


2:HP ENVY 2019, 17.3″ FULL HD TOUCH

HP ENVY 2019, 17.3″ FULL HD TOUCH is the second laptop from HP in this list . If you are looking for a laptop with extraordinary features, a good CD drive, and a great design, then this laptop might be the best choice for you. This laptop has a 17-inch large screen and With solid aluminum chassis body.

The laptop introduces the best cooling system to reduce the heat. As soon as you open the laptop, the bottom part of it automatically rises upwards for better flow heat during working.

The laptop will give you a little trouble working on your lap. Besides, this laptop has all the other connections like it has 5 USB PORTS OF different types, audio and video jack facility is also available .touchpad and keypad Both are made of silver that looks like a silver color scheme

The keys in this laptop are small in size than standard keys. The plus point is that the background light in the keys can be adjusted. Its touchpad easy to use & give fast responsive. But the graphics do not give you the best gaming facility. It has a triangular design of speakers above the keyboard. This laptop has an excellent webcam of HD resolution.



Weirdly, you know about laptops and computers and other technologies and you haven’t heard of an ACER. ACER is a very old laptop manufacturer and has been providing the best laptop service for a long time.

ACER ASPIRE E 15 is one of ACER’s Best laptops with CD/DVD drive. It comes with a 1080p 15-inch Sharp display. Its design is not what many people want This laptop has a brush metal appearance its deck is made of plastic. It has the Acer logo on the Lid. If you look at its right side, you will get a CD drive Also, you will get a USB 2.0 port, a power connector, and a headset jack.

There will be a total of three USB ports on the other side that will support different connections. You will find a comfortable keyboard in it. Its touchpad works very well and you will not see any shortage of space in the number pad. The audio of this laptop is very loud & enough for the whole room. But the problem is that there this laptop has no audio adjustment options available.

This laptop is old but is a good fit for multitasking. Its webcam isn’t as good as people think, but it’s better for making normal video calls. The plus point is that it doesn’t get hot during multitasking




DEL is one of the manufacturing companies that has been consistently successful in delivering the best devices Whether it’s a desktop or a laptop or all the computer-related accessories. The Dell Inspiring series has always been known for its performance and design. This laptop is made of pure aluminum which gives it a great design.

Its platinum silver color makes it look beautiful 1080p display gives you a great movie and gaming experience. This is the best convertible laptop. Experts call it premium machinery because it is a laptop with high flexibility Its flexibility is due to the strong hinges attached to it.

It doesn’t have much portability but it is still a better laptop. This laptop comes with an external CD drive and also has three USB ports. Its touch screen is very easy to use and gives a smooth working experience. Its keyboard doesn’t look great but it works well.

This laptop does not have the number keypad. overall the performance of this laptop is better for normal routines to work. It will give you a smooth running experience with quite a load.



This is an MSI gaming laptop that has the best CD drive feature as you know CD Drive has been an important part of gaming laptops as CD drive allows you to play low price games. This laptop is equipped with a 17-inch screen size, which is enormous.

If you are overloading this laptop and you need to remove its heat, you can use its MSI Cooler Boost 4 and removing it in all the head seconds. MSI Red logo in its center looks beautiful and the lid hinge is stiff which does not allow the laptop to open easily with one hand.

It also equipped with 4 USB ports two different kinds along with the other port, but USB Type-C lacks thunderbolt capacity.



The company has made a name for itself in the production of computer hardware and laptops. Most of these laptops are Top notch. The company has rarely disappointed its customers with its products They launch always up-to-date products. And this laptop is also one of the best laptops in the list of top-notch products But it is also not the first gaming laptop manufacturing company.

Express claims that the keyboard of this laptop gives you a great gaming experience as well as also equipped with a beautiful backlight. This laptop is a little cheaper than other gaming laptops

The best laptop with CD/DVD drive has excellent design structure both internally and externally. This laptop is easy to operate and fast. It comes with a8th generation intel processor. If you want to play heavy Gaming on this laptop, then this laptop is not designed for heavy Gaming.



This Flexhip laptop is the second laptop from ASUS in this list. There are different varieties of this laptop in the market. All the products of this company are in the market with different varieties and are up to date.

Whenever you need to buy a laptop, when you are looking at your requirements with different combinations, you can also look at their category. This laptop is one of their amazing products

This is a great laptop designed for freelancer students and business people its touch screen which works easily, fast, and smoothly. This is not a budget laptop. This laptop is made for a business person so its price is a bit high. It has a refresh rate of 60Hrz which is good also equipped with a CD/DVD drive.

The best laptop with CD/DVD drives equipped with two SonicMaster audio speakers that provide clear sound &Quality sound. This is a great laptop for your business purpose. It is a portable device and can be easily moved from one place to another. It will never make you disappoint in front of your friends during presentations or watching movies.



This is another laptop introduced by MSI. This is a gaming laptop Unlike the laptop mentioned earlier. This laptop will not make you disappoint in terms of features.

This laptop will give you happiness at an affordable price. Gaming laptops are not like other laptops. They are also a bit of an expensive with their extra-ordinary features.

But this gaming laptop has been launched by MSI at an affordable Tag price. The red dragon on its lid gives people an excellent Look. Its design is different from other laptops. It has a black matte soft-touch finish on its lid. You will feel good after grabbing these laptops because The machinery used in it is of the lightweight and latest technology.

The audio sound of these laptops will not sound as good without headphones. Its keyboard is a little better than OK. Its touchpad is fast responsive to give your finger enough space to touch without touching the edges.

The laptop is designed for gaming as well as multi-tasking purpose. The processor gives you good gaming experience. Remember that it may be hot during your work but it will not reduce your performance. A webcam installed in it is not too good quality. If you are looking for a budget laptop then this Best laptop with CD/DVD drive may be a better choice for you.

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